Even the most simple Massage can help balance the bodies circulatory, muscular and nervous systems.

While we commonly know that Massage assists in the relief of muscular pain, often we forget that 

Massage can also relieve severe cases of insomnia, anxiety and depression. 

Relax, unwind and indulge yourself in the luxury of our body treatment packages​​.

body exfoliation_Beauty in williams square

body exfoliation + moisturiser 30min $30

This two-in-one treatment gently buffs away dull skin cells and unclogs pores while a nourishing blend of exotic oils restores your skin to a fresh healthy glow.

relaxation back, neck and shoulder massage

express massage 30min $50

We hold a lot of tension in our back, neck and shoulders; this 30min massage aims to alleviate this tension and improve blood flow to the affected areas, increasing your mental clarity and happiness whilst decreasing stress. 

relaxation full body massage 60min $70

A relaxation full body massage helps with balancing emotions, anxiety, stress, circulatory deficiencies, joint and muscle pain, insomnia and stress. Indulge your senses and be swept away for an hour of bliss, finding inner peace, harmony and happiness.

full body massage

aromatherapy massage

relaxation aromatherapy full body massage 60min $70

Aromatherapy massage has its foundations in Holism, the idea that the whole of the body is one big interconnected energy system. Your general health and wellbeing is taken into consideration and healing works as a supportive treatment to awakening the senses of the mind and body.

oriental stone massage

oriental scrub + stone massage

90min $90

A rejuvenating and spicy ritual of oriental inspiration with warm aromatic bags, the journey begins with an exfoliating scrub using oriental spices mixed with cinnamon and ginger. A nourishing spice enriched massage delivered with warm stones completes this indulgent treatment.

hanakasumi body scrub

hanakasumi body scrub + massage 90min $90

Hanakasumi is derived from the Japanese ritual bath ceremonies. It involves a cherry blossom on lotus scrub using exfoliating gloves and an all over massage with shea butter oil. It’s a trip to Japan without having left the country.

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