Facials stimulate blood flow to the facial muscles, which in turn increases oxygen intake to the facial area helping to remove dead cells and promote the growth of fresh healthy new ones. Facials also help the muscles in the face to relax, increasing their elasticity, which decreases age lines promoting the natural protection and prevention of imperfections in the skin.

In summary, if you want to look young, fresh, healthy and youthful; it’s highly recommended you get a facial.
Enjoy in one of our signature facials and indulge your senses​.

Sothys_Facial_Beauty In Williams Square

mini facial 30min $40

Our mini facial is ideal if you are wanting a quick pick me up for your skin. Using Sothys skin care range tailored specifically to your skin type, you are treated to a cleanse, exfoliation, steam and hot towel compress. Your mini facial is then finished off with top of the range treatment creams, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. 

deluxe facial 60min $70

Our deluxe facial takes you to the next level of our skin care treatments as you sit back relax and enjoy a deep cleanse, exfoliation, steam, serum and a relaxing facial massaged, finished off with a rejuvenating treatment mask. But your treatment doesn’t end there, while the rejuvenating treatment mask works its magic, you’ll receive a relaxing shoulder and neck massage, allowing you to be swept away to the land of pure bliss. Lastly we finish your facial off with a hot towel compress and Sothys salon only treatments cream. Our deluxe facial is pure indulgence, leaving you with beautifully refreshed skin and feeling completely relaxed and totally ‘Zen’.

eye contour treatment 60min $75

Wrinkles, Dark Circles, Puffiness, Visibly Reduced

The tissue around the eye is incredibly thin and delicate and this area is the first area we think of when we think of ageing skin. An Eye Contour treatment is designed specifically to combat the ageing of the area around the eyes. Your treatment begins with a cleanse and exfoliation followed by an age-defying eye contour serum containing vitamin c, e and f, mountain flower stem cells and flax extract to smooth and fill the lines around the eyes.

eye contour_Beauty In Williams Square

A relaxing modelling cream with bitter extract is then massaged around the eye contour area with the help of Sothys porcelain spoons. Next a tensor mask and eye contour patches containing oat saccharides are applied to smooth the skin and give a lifting effect. The treatment is then completed with a hot towel compress and finished with Sothys professional treatment cream, designed specifically for use around the soft tissue of the eye area. We guarantee that you will love this treatment and see incredible results.

facials_spa thermal water

soothing pro sensitive

with spa 'thermal water'

60min $110

The ultra gentle textures of this treatment have been formulated to respect the sensitivity off all skin types. In just 60min sensitive skin recovers its comfort and serenity. The treatment begins by using a comfort cleansing milk and comfort spa lotion. A softening cleansing mask containing Ageratum leaf extract rids the skin of impurities and restores skin radiance. Sothys ultra-soothing serum is applied followed by a modelling cream. The modeling cream is formulated with moisturising active ingredients and a soothing complex to help your skin regenerate and replenish itself. Next a Hydra-Soothing mask is applied. While the mask is on a decongesting modelling is performed using Sothys ice cold porcelain spoons. The treatments is completed with a cool towel compress and Sothys salon only treatment creams appropriate for the soothing of the skin.

resurfacing peel + pure vitamin c serum 60min $110

Resurface, Regenerate and Renew with Sothys medical grade Hydroxyl acid peeling treatment offering greater efficiency in exfoliation and cellular renewal. Your treatment begins with a cleansing and detoxifying exfoliate paste. Next the peeling renovator solution containing 20% Glycolic and Salicylic acid in a water based gel solution is applied. This solution is an intensive exfoliate and cellular booster, responsible for Keratin regulation, resulting in a refining of the epidermis.

The solution is then removed and the desquarcreme and steam are applied to give a deep cleanse. Next we apply Sothys radiance infusion Pure Vitamin C and a rebalancing balm.

Facial_Beauty In Williams Square

 This is lightly massaged over the face. Shortly after an oxygenating mask is applied to soften and cool the skin. While we allow the oxygenating mask to work its magic you are treated to a shoulder and neck massage, designed to release the tension of the day and make you feel stress-free. To end the treatment we use a hot towel compress and Sothys professional treatment lotion tailored specifically to your skin type.

You will love this treatment as your skin will look uniform, radiating freshness and youth.

hydra3ha hyaluronic acid 60min $110

Everyone experiences dehydrated skin at some point throughout the year and it is a well-known fact that well hydrated skin looks and feels visibly younger. Dehydration of skin tissues results in the skin ageing prematurely. To reverse this process and delay the aging process of the skin, we have invented this treatment.

It begins with an initial cleansing phase before an enzymatic exfoliating gel is applied. Next we give the skin a deep cleans and steam. A restructuring serum is then applied along with a hydration gel mask. Next you are treated to a soft and relaxing facial massage and a facial peel off mask, rich in omega 3 and 6 designed to rehydrate the skin. You are then treated to an indulgent neck and shoulder massage. The mask is removed and a smoothing serum applied followed finally with Hydra3Ha creams.

You will definitely notice the difference; as this treatment has a statistical average of up to 71% improvement in skin hydration in all trials of all skin types after just one treatment.

mini male facial_Beauty In williams Square

mini male facial 30min $40

Our mens mini facial is ideal for men who are wanting a quick pick me up for their skin. Using Sothys skin care range to suit your individual skin type and condition, you’re treated to a cleanse, exfoliation, steam and hot towel compress, finished with Sothys salon only treatments creams tailored specifically to your skin.

5 star rating

"Great service, very friendly staff & lovely atmosphere. Highly recommend Beauty In Williams Square for all your beauty & make up needs!" - Amy